A woman passionate about Mexicanity and eternally in love with the artisanal textiles of her country. She lived in Puebla, her hometown, until she was 21 years old, when she moved to France. Those years away from home, and her frequent trips to Europe, UK and the United States made her see the great admiration and love that foreigners feel for the Mexican culture, its textiles, its gastronomy, and for its pre-Hispanic cultures.

Mitzi founded Mayaraki in 2017, with the aim of spreading Mexican culture in its entire splendor through Europe and the United Kingdom, promoting the beauty of Mexican crafts, practicing fair trade with artisans of indigenous origin and preserving traditions and ancentral teachings.

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Since his childhood, Diego showed a special interest for his country’s millenary history. At the same time, he developed a great passion for the folk music, which is different in every region of Mexico. During college, he searched for sustainable projects, always looking for the wellbeing of his people. These projects led him to have a closer relationship with certain communities in southeast Mexico, places where he learned more about his Mayan roots.

Together with Mitzi, he found a way to share with the world the majestic culture of his country, through its artisanal textiles. Diego wanted to be a participant in a project that, in the first place, enriches those people who keep their Mexican traditions and in second place to all of those who want to know and carry a piece of Mexico with them. It was at this time that Mayaraki was born.

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